The S.P.Y. METHOD to Get Freelancing Clients

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In this episode of the Article and Design podcast, host Margaret Sulapas shares her top three tips for landing freelancing clients using the SPY method: Super clients, Painful problem, and Your solution.

She discusses the importance of identifying your target market, understanding their needs, and providing value to solve their problems.

Margaret also advises crafting a persuasive pitch, pricing your services, and showcasing your work. You can tune in to learn how you can level up your freelancing game and get more clients.

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00:00 Introduction
01:04 Imagine with Article and Design
02:21 The three essentials
04:18 Part 1 method
05:47 Part 2 method
07:31 Part 3 method
08:23 How to price my freelance services?
10:34 Show don’t tell
11:04 Put it all together


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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Article and Design podcast made for Filipino freelancers and digital business owners to help you grow and succeed in your freelancing business. So I’m your host, Margaret Sulapas I’m a freelance digital marketing strategist for over 10 years now, and I’m the owner of Article and Design.

[00:00:18] Today in this solo episode, we’re going to dive into the top three things that you need to nail down, how to get clients in freelancing. So let’s not get things complicated guys. You only need top three things. So these top three things is called the SPY method. So the spy method, or the SPY stands for S is for super clients. P is for pain, painful problem, and Y is actually your solution. So I repeat super clients, painful problem and your solution. So the spy, so this spy method is discussed thoroughly in our Super freelancers course. The only freelancing course you’ll ever [00:01:00] need if you’re an inspiring Filipino freelancer. The the language used in this course is Filipino English or Tag-English.

[00:01:08] So if you understand Tagalog and English, then this is the course for you. So it is a comprehensive 21 steps course, right? Video lessons for Filipinos who wanted to become a freelancer or for existing freelancers who want take off or put their freelance business to the next level. If you’re struggling to find clients or just want to improve your freelancing game, you won’t want to miss this episode guys.

[00:01:36] So listen up now, take down notes and just focus on this episode for the rest of the 15 minutes or less than 15 minutes of your time. So again, let’s not waste time cuz time is precious, time is gold. So let’s discuss the three essential things you need to nail down. In order for you to get clients -the SPY method.

[00:01:57] So part one is S is the super clients. [00:02:00] So it only means that you need to identify your target market. So let’s talk about super clients or your target market. Knowing who your clients are is very crucial in any type of business, especially in your freelancing career. So here are some tips on how to help you identify your SUPERCLIENTS.

[00:02:16] So first is if you can define your niche or you choose a specific industry topic or service that you have an expertise or a passion that you wanted to learn about that niche, cause it’ll make your life a lot easier. Next is you can also try to look at the needs of these demographics or this niche.. It will give an insight into what services or products they need and how you can meet those needs.

[00:02:42] For example, you connect with people in your target market through social media forums or industry events, and this will actually help you. Build or gain some insights and find the market or potential clients that you’re comfortable working. Cuz at the end of the day, the reason why you chose [00:03:00] to build a freelance business is because you wanted to do something that you love right in a way.

[00:03:05] Because if you just wanted to do something that you want to earn money, then that would be, there are a lot of things that you can earn money easily than doing a freelance business.. So you get what I’m saying? So identify your super clients. Again if you wanna dive deep, I discussed this thoroughly in our A and D Pro membership and of course the superfreelancers course.

[00:03:25] And next is part two is a painful problem, as I’ve mentioned earlier, which is I alluded to earlier that when you get to identify your target Market or your super clients, you get to know the needs, the probable problems that they have. So your services later on we’ll discuss your solution should solve a significant issue for your clients.

[00:03:45] So how could you identify the painful problem, Margaret? So first, as I’ve said, First you’ve identified the niche or your target market. Okay? For example, I wanted to work with podcasters, Margaret. All right, so you survey these podcasters, you read a lot of forums, [00:04:00] et cetera. Probably you can talk with one with a few podcasters.

[00:04:03] Survey your audience, all right, Next is you analyse the competitors, right? So you study businesses that provide similar services or products. Those, like probably if you’re a video editor, find a video editor who focuses on podcasters. So you identify what exact problems are they solving for this specific clients, and you check with your existing niche or clients that, hey the podcasters has this specific problem, blah, blah, blah.

[00:04:29] Okay, so what can I do with this one? Or what can I do better than my competitors are doing? And of course, I’d like you to keep up with the industry trends and news, right? For example, right now there is AI tools that you can use and there is AI tools that these podcasters are probably trying to use, but actually they don’t know how, or they don’t have time.

[00:04:51] It can help you spot new pain points and opportunities so that you could provide valuable services. So that is number two, the painful problem. [00:05:00] Again, as I’ve said, I’ve dived deeper. All right. In teaching you how to find this, cuz there’s a system inside the Super freelancers course and the A & D Pro membership. And part three last, but not the least is your SOLUTION.

[00:05:13] So again, we’re crafting the perfect offering from this painful problems and this target niche that you have, cuz there’s no point if you’re gonna offer something they don’t need. Let’s explore the solution, which is your “Y” from this SPY method, your solution or your oferring or your service. So once you know the target market and the painful problem, you need to develop a solution that effectively addresses this, those needs. So how can you do that? So you outline the possible services that you’ll provide, right? And then you define the scope of work. Probably you just wanted on editing. You don’t want to put captions, you don’t want to, et cetera. And of course, all the deliverables that you might wanna deliver to the client.

[00:05:54] So this will make it easier for the clients to understand what they’re getting. You have to be very specific. [00:06:00] And of course, again, don’t overcomplicate this. Don’t overthink this. Just put a price, put a price in your service so you determine a fair price for your work. Okay, so you might say, okay, Margaret, I’m just starting,

[00:06:13] how can I price knowing my worth, okay, I’ve said this over and over again. I’ve mentioned this in the previous podcast episodes that pricing according to value could be dangerous for new freelancers. You know why? Because you don’t have any experience yet and you price according to your value.

[00:06:29] What if you’re actually an asshole who’s a cocky person who thinks your value is worth a hundred thousand, but you actually don’t have the talent for that because it feeds your ego, Hey, this is my value, but actually you know nothing, right?

[00:06:43] So charging your worth based on your value at this point, if you’re starting, is actually dangerous. What can I suggest is check from the competitors. What are the fair price for your work. And determine on that one and consider [00:07:00] your experience, your value, and the standard rates and that’s it.

[00:07:03] You start with that one and after three clients, then yes, charge according to your value or your worth. Make sense? I wanna be very clear on that one cuz I’ve heard or I’ve watched a lot of, Misleading and dangerous advices on pricing, and that’s why many aspiring freelancers can’t get clients because they’re being ridiculous.

[00:07:24] All right? So of course you, after pricing it, after crafting a specific offer, you create a probably an offer or unique selling point, or what we call a persuasive pitch, okay? That will highlight, okay, what can the client get from this? What can the client get from you? What is the solution to this problem?

[00:07:44] All right. Or the benefits that the clients are getting. Please take note that the clients doesn’t care of what you finished.. They don’t care about that, that one, they only care about if you can solve a problem, period. So you tailor your pitch to this target audience or target market and [00:08:00] the problem that they have, the very painful one.

[00:08:03] And then, hey, how can you solve it? This is my offer. Call it a name, for example, a perpetual podcast editing package. Make sense? Last but not the least. While doing that, please showcase your work. All right. You start building a portfolio. If you don’t have a client yet, make your own sample for yourself and demonstrate your abilities.

[00:08:24] Hey, client, this is how I can do it. This is how I could edit podcasts. This help builds trust and credibility with potential clients, as I’ve always mentioned. SHOW, DON’T TELL. Always show what you can do and don’t just blabber about it. Because anybody could say, Hey, I’m brilliant, but actually you’re not.

[00:08:41] So show don’t tell. So in conclusion, as I’ve said, in order for you to get clients right, that will really understand your value is you remember the SPY method, right? Super clients, painful problem and your solution. That’s it. Focus on that one. Any other things are just bells and [00:09:00] whistles.

[00:09:00] Just focus on these.. Because you’re providing value and that’s the time that you can, Hey, I know my worth, right? I could price according to the value that I provide, right? Or the value that you could get. So that’s it. That’s a quick episode and a short one and hope you understood the point nail these three essentials guys, and I’m pretty sure you will get clarity on your freelancing offer.

[00:09:27] So again, if you’re listening to this episode, probably this will come out on an Easter time or Easter Sunday or Saturday. So I hope you’re getting the rest that you need, and I hope you’re spending time with your families. And if you’re overwhelmed, overworked, please focus on yourself. Love yourself. Have some self care.

[00:09:50] If you need to rest, if you need to stop, if you need to pause. Don’t think, have a rest. You can start again tomorrow. You can start in the next three days. You can start after a [00:10:00] week. Don’t be too hard on yourself. So thank you again for joining us on this Article and Design podcast. I’m your host, Margaret, and I hope you found this episode helpful.

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[00:10:30] All right, and many of you are not subscribers, please I request to please subscribe to us, hit that notification bell and share it with your friends, because that’s the only way that you could actually support us, aside from purchasing our courses and lessons. Again, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast.

[00:10:49] Wherever you consume this podcast. So until next time, happy Easter everyone and happy freelancing. And if you have any questions, please direct us to our [00:11:00] email at This is Margaret and have a good one. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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