Is Your Freelance Career At Risk? | The Impact of AI tools

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As freelancers, we’re all aware of technology’s impact on our industries. But with the rise of AI tools, there’s a growing concern that machines will eventually replace human freelancers altogether.

In this episode of the Article and Design podcast, we explore the question on every freelancer’s mind: will AI tools steal our jobs? Is this the end for freelancers?

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[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to the Article and Design podcast made for Filipino freelancers and business owners

[00:00:09] and to anyone who plans to outsource to Filipino talents. I’m your host Margaret. And in this episode, we’ll be discussing a topic that’s been on the minds of many freelancers. So that is. Will AI tools steal our jobs, Margaret. Is this the end for freelancers?. Is our freelance career at risk. So in this solo episode, I’m doing, we’ll be exploring the impact of AI tools.

[00:00:41] On the freelance industry. And I’ll give you a quick example. If you’re a freelance website developer, how can you adapt to this technology?

[00:00:53] Before I proceed. I’d like to invite you to become an A&D pro member [00:01:00] for only $59 for a year or Pay in three terms for $25 per month. You get access to all our products and courses to become a successful freelancer. That can get paid often and can set clients for life. And this coming April, one of the live micro workshops of A&D PRO will be about adapting the AI technology. If you’re a writer, graphic designer or a website developer or basically if you’re creating content. Or creating social media posts. And how are you going to use these AI tools to your advantage. What AI tools to use and how are you going to adapt to these tools and integrate it to your workflow? So I’m going to share with you some of the prompts that you can use as well, the templates, the tools that you need as a freelancer, and how are you going to find clients also using the AI?

[00:01:54] This is all jam packed. I encourage everyone listening right now to join the A&D pro [00:02:00] membership. And let’s make the AI technology our friend, and let’s avoid being redundant guys and continue to provide value to our clients. First, I’d like to say this before we get discouraged or feel on edge about this technology that, Hey, AI is not human.

[00:02:17] So the human input, emotions and nuances. Are not present in these AI tools as of this moment, Probably they have yet to be replicated. So we don’t know. As a freelance digital marketing strategist myself, I’ve been following this topic closely. And I’d like to share my thoughts on it with you today.

[00:02:35] And I purchased a lot of different AI tools, myself. Try that myself. Subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, to Jasper AI Descript AI. SURFER SEO, Et cetera. I have experience using it. That’s why I’d like to share it with you in our upcoming A&D PRO. So first off let’s acknowledge that AI tools are becoming more advanced and capable of performing tasks that used to [00:03:00] require human input.

[00:03:02] For content writers like myself, I sometimes do write, there are AI powered tools. That can help with keyword research, topic, ideation and even content creation. So some of these AI tools are actually for free. So these tools can speed up the writing process and ensure that content is optimised for search engines, which is really a plus.

[00:03:22] So similarly for graphic designers for our listeners right now who are graphic designers, AI tools can help with tasks like image recognition. And editing colour palettes and of course, layout design. And for website developers, AI can also help. With the website optimisation user experience design for our friends in the UI/UX and even Chatbot development.

[00:03:47] And also there are AI tools that can quickly build a website guys. So there is no excuses. To those freelancers who we’re saying that you can become a freelancer without having a portfolio website. You’re definitely wrong and you’re going to be [00:04:00] left behind because there are AI tools that can help you build your website portfolio, even in less than five minutes. So guys keep up. Keep up with the trends and momentum. So with all this AI tools available, it’s understandable that some freelancers like you and me are worried about our jobs. So are we going to be replaced by these AI machines? Margaret? My answer is I don’t believe that’s the case, honestly.

[00:04:28] Yes. AI tools can certainly help with certain tasks, but they can’t replace the creativity. As I’ve said earlier, the human nuances and the expertise of these human freelancers. So ultimately clients will still need us. Freelancers to provide. A unique perspective and bring a human touch to their projects.

[00:04:49] What I’m seeing would be the disadvantage probably. If clients are working with five freelancers before to run his business, probably, uh, because of these AI tools, clients will [00:05:00] just practically hire three freelancers. All this like tools and it could be done by, by probably three freelancers instead of five. So I think that’s the only disadvantage right now. So what I’m trying to say is you need to adapt.

[00:05:14] All right. Uh, later on I’ll discuss further. So ultimately clients will still need freelancers to provide a unique perspective. Again, and bring a human touch to these projects. However, as I’ve said, I do think that freelancers who refuse to adapt to these new technology or new reality will risk getting left behind.

[00:05:39] The question now again, Will AI replace freelancers, Margaret? AI technology may not replace freelancers. But freelancers who embrace AI will inevitably replace those who don’t. I hope I’m clear with that one. AI tools are here to say, and they’re only going to get more sophisticated over time. We’ve seen [00:06:00] all this progress.

[00:06:01] we’ve seen ChatGPT they have announced that they’re releasing the chat GPT-4 very soon so probably if you’ve listened to this episode, ChatGPT 4 is already there or probably, if you’ve listened to this episode, this already GPT 100, we don’t know. So as freelancers, we need to learn how to use these tools effectively and incorporate them into our workflow.

[00:06:24] By doing so, we can work more efficiently, deliver better results for our clients. And most of all, we can position ourselves as experts, so I’m trying to say is. I don’t believe that AI tools are the end for freelancers. Okay. My friends. Okay. There I said it., they are an opportunity for us to improve our skills and provide an even better service to our clients.

[00:06:50] So my advice is let’s embrace AI. And all the benefits it can bring to our freelance careers. Okay. I’ll give you a concrete [00:07:00] example, how to navigate this a major change. For example, you’re a website developer. Then there are several AI powered tools that can help you work more efficiently and deliver high quality websites for your clients. So for example,

[00:07:14] Uh, I’ll give you just some top of mind, like four AI tools that could. Uh, help you as a website developer. So first is website optimisation. So there are AI powered tools that can assist you with website optimisation. So these AI tools can also analyze your website data. It could identify areas of improvement and suggest changes to improve the website speed,

[00:07:39] user engagement and search engine ranking. So by using these tools, you can ensure that your websites are optimised for the best possible performance. So you can add this to your portfolio, package, that you can also, you do this, but you’re not going to do that by yourself. There is a tool that you’re going to use.

[00:07:56] So what is the tool? Join our A&D PRO,. And I’ll share with you all the [00:08:00] tools that you can use. So that’s one assist with website optimisation. Number two is, you know what? There are tons and tons of repetitive tasks that we do as a freelancer. So this AI tool can greatly help to automate this repetitive tasks or for example,

[00:08:16] Um, tasks. such as I was testing debugging in code optimisation. So by automating this task, you can save time and focus on more complex tasks that requires your expertise. Right. So number three. I am thinking. Most of our website developers are also UX, UI, um, practitioners through. You can use this AI power tools to improve your user experience. I mean, your website, user experience.

[00:08:43] Because this AI-powered tools can analyse the user behavior and provide insights on how to improve the user experience of a website. So you can ensure that the websites that you deliver to your clients are actually user friendly and it meets [00:09:00] the needs of your client’s target audience, so you can also add that as, um, a package to your website development,

[00:09:07] Number four. Um, I was thinking of chatbots. Okay. Chat. Chatbots are, have been here for awhile. If you remember that one, but right now they’re becoming more and more popular.

[00:09:21] Um, chatbots this days because of this AI tools, it’s not anymore convoluted to set up a chatbot it becomes easy right now. And why chatbots is important Margaret for websites, because it is a way for businesses to provide instant customer service, right? So there are a lot of AI tools that can help you develop and integrate this chat bots into your websites, to your client’s website. So it will make it easier for your clients to connect with their target audience or their customers.

[00:09:51] So, those are four of the things that on top of mind, I’m thinking that how all these AI tools could help a freelance website [00:10:00] developer. And it’s just like, you’re not, not only a freelance website, developer building websites, you are now a freelance website developer on steroids because of this AI tools. Make sense?

[00:10:12] So. Again, by incorporating these AI tools into your workflow, you can work more efficiently. Deliver high quality websites and stay ahead of the competition.

[00:10:26] Additionally, and you can also use these AI tools to showcase your ability, and then you can position yourself as Hey. I’m a forward-thinking and tech savvy. Website developer, which can help you attract more clients in the future. Because I’m using all these tools. That you need and the all these tools that will be, um,

[00:10:48] Adaptable in the next generations. So the question now, is Margaret. I don’t have the budget to subscribe to all these AI tools. So to answer your question, I will discuss these tools. If these [00:11:00] are, how could you get this for free? Or you could get this in a subscription. And what are the best tools?

[00:11:06] Budget wise that you can use. I’ll discuss these all in A&D PRO membership. This coming April.

[00:11:12] So that’s it for today’s episode of the Article and Design podcast. So thank you for listening and I hope you found this discussion helpful. I’m making this short because I want you to, um, I want to put a premise that Hey.

[00:11:26] Right. Don’t be discouraged. We got this. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me. On social media, we are on Facebook, LinkedIn on YouTube. Just follow us. Look for Article and Design.. And we also have a Facebook group called Article and Design community. So feel free to join us and tag me there if you have a question. So again, if you want to learn how to adapt to these AI tools. And use them to your advantage. Please join us on our A&D PRO membership for only $59 per year, or just pay in three terms. So watch out for the next episode coming next week, we [00:12:00] will discuss the three essential steps you need to do to get clients, especially in this day and age of AI technology. And there’s a lot of competition.

[00:12:08] And the next episodes I have interviewed some of the graphic designers from the Philippines and how he made it by. Um, by sticking to his niche, And what are his principles in getting clients? And what are the difficulties of getting clients as a Filipino. And more to come. I have interviewed tons and tons of, um, people that could help us improve our freelance and digital business. So guys, again, this is Margaret. If you liked this episode, please leave a star on Spotify or apple podcasts.

[00:12:43] Or comment if you’re watching this on YouTube and like this. Um, please subscribe and hit that notification bell because you will greatly, greatly help us. And it will help us more. On how to, um, create more content, it will help [00:13:00] us to deliver valuable content for you. So again, um, bye for now, and thank you so much for listening to me and I’ll talk to you soon.

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