How To Start Freelancing Even When Working Full-Time

Language used: English 🤑 You are a full-time employee who wants to start freelancing on the side. 🤑 You have a full-time job and don’t know how to find clients, set up your freelance business or even get started with it. 🤑You want to work for yourself but are afraid of taking the leap. Listen … Read more

Make a Living From Your Hobby with John Michael “Kilo” Serrano

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When You Are Losing Motivation with Jonathan de Joya

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Your Work From Home Setup Work For You with Jen Obenza

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Paradigm Shift Insights and Awards Night 2021 with A&D Community

⭐ 21-day Paradigm Shift Challenge of Article and Design 03-23 Nov 2021    26 Nov 2021 Awards Night with our A&D Community Members Congratulations for participating Jehrom Estimada Jessalyn Bibon Donfa Baltazar KL Elevera Felix Frederick Cordero Ed Escueta Ivy Sabillo Rhodora Gales jam marvida John Michael “Kilo” Serrano Jen Obenza Margaret Sulapas Jules Rivera … Read more

Goal Setting For Filipino Freelancers & Business Owners with Jen Obenza

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Online Selling and Pursuing a Plant Hobby with Tanya Loyola

Language used: Tagalog-English          Tanya Loyola worked in the BPO industry for a few years and also worked as an Immigration Officer back in the Philippines. She has a spirit of entrepreneurship and a passion for plants. She now resides in Australia managing her creative pursuit called Plant Your Enthusiasm. If you love plants and loves … Read more

No BS Productivity Tips for Filipino Freelancers with Jen Obenza

Language used: Tagalog-English                   In this episode, Margaret and Jen, our guest co-host, shared 7 personal productivity tips that worked for them as filipino freelancers. These no BS tips serve as your guide to finding out what works for you to become productive. Jen is a freelance travel consultant for over 6 years and also a … Read more

Work from Home Setup and Doing What You Love with Francis Aquino

Language used: Tagalog-English For this episode we have Francis Aquino. He is working as an Assistant Team Manager for DDCPH. He enjoys a Work From Home (WFH) set up and it allows him to spend more time with his loved ones and do some of the things he is passionate about like music! Francis is … Read more