Life Lessons

Minisode: [AVOID THIS NOW] 5 Reasons Why Filipino Freelancers Fail

❌ [AVOID THIS NOW] 5 Reasons Why Filipino Freelancers Fail <br><br> Grab your cuppa and join me while I discuss the 5 common reasons why freelancers or business owners fail. This is based on my experience of being a freelancer, working with other freelancers and my experience as a business owner for more than 9 … Read more

A New Year Message To Filipino Freelancers and Business Owners

⭐ Check out the Full video version on our YouTube channel — Transcript: Hi superfreelancers and business owners! Happy new year! The pandemic was one of the primary reasons we built the Article and Design community last year. It was an answer to a call for Filipinos to earn from the safety of their … Read more

SPECIAL EPISODE: Nine Years of Article and Design

⭐ This is not a podcast episode but a special episode. 🙂 Today, November 05, 2021, is our 9th founding Anniversary. One of the many crazy ideas I had came to life. When I started freelancing back in 2011, I knew I was taking a huge risk in life and my career. After nine years, … Read more

5 Tips For Staying Motivated During The Pandemic

Language used: Tagalog-English   💙 This episode of the podcast is a response to a poll we asked in our Article and Design FB group about your current struggles during this pandemic. And most of you answered the lack of motivation and not earning enough because you are not motivated to work. 💙 And you know … Read more

How Changing Your Perspective Can Shape Your Future with Lorna Bondoc

Language used: Tagalog-English                   🧠 How Changing Your Perspective Can Shape Your Future with Lorna Bondoc   🔥 Our guest is one of the OGs in the digital landscape. She’s been in this industry for more than a decade, so let us open our eyes, our ears and listen to what this amazing woman will say! … Read more

Journey of a Filipino Freelance Writer with Ella de Leon

Language used: Tagalog-English                   For this episode we have Ella de Leon. Ella works as a transcriber at ConsumerAffairs and she is also a freelance writer/proofreader and editor. When she’s not using her creative writing skills, Ella practices her handiwork skills and have created pieces like phone cases, bags, beanies and a lot more using “gantsilyo“ … Read more