A New Year Message To Filipino Freelancers and Business Owners

⭐ Check out the Full video version on our YouTube channel — https://youtu.be/6lyphh2HgZw Transcript: Hi superfreelancers and business owners! Happy new year! The pandemic was one of the primary reasons we built the Article and Design community last year. It was an answer to a call for Filipinos to earn from the safety of their homes. Last year, 2020, I co-founded the Article and Design community (formerly known as Superfreelancers PH) with a friend shortly after launching the Superfreelancers podcast, now, Article and Design podcast. We want to help Filipinos create a premium career in freelancing and transform freelancers into what we call #SUPERFREELANCERS – a highly paid, creative, happy and globally competitive freelancer. With Article and Design’s #1millionmission, we believe that when we all work together, we can transform 1 Million Filipino Freelancers into Super Freelancers. However, as we are aware, the pandemic didn’t go away; instead, it has become the “new normal.” But time and again, people adapt. Especially Filipinos, we are innovative, and we move forward. Virtually everything turned into online gatherings, just like what we are doing right now. The good side of this, if we didn’t create this community, you and I would never be here at the same screen. You and I will never e-meet each other. You and I will never find comfort in each other’s experiences. You and I will never share waves of laughter, memes, and struggles in freelancing and business. And even personal lives. And most of all, you and I will never know that we all have the same mission. We all have the same heart. For us, at Article and Design, our work has never been more relevant today. So it’s a pleasure and a privilege to share the things I learned as a practitioner for over nine years and showcase the talents of every Filipino creative individual. Overall it was a challenging year – esp for me as your founder and as you look up to me as your leader, or “nanay”, if you will. We made mistakes, fixed them, and learned from this process. Personally, I have to admit there are many, many times that I want to give up this community and the mission. But I always ask myself, why would I? What’s the point of being human beings if we don’t look after each other? What’s the point of being a Filipino, or simply a citizen of this world, if we don’t extend a helping hand. I saw my fellows’ penny pinching on projects and charging $1 gigs just to get hired while I was booking premium clients. It doesn’t sit well with me. I was reading my fellow freelancers experience discrimination in the workplace simply because they are Filipinos. I feel something needs to be done. I want to be part of the solution and not the problem. I want to be on the right side of history. So thank you to everyone who is helping me in this mission and wants to be part of the solution. And most of all, thank you for the trust you gave me. I am nowhere near perfect, but I always strive to be my best to put Filipino talents on the map. Continue giving your feedback and testimonials to us – it makes Article and Design better, and I can assure you I read and watch every one of those personally. But we’re not yet finished. We are barely scratching the surface. So much more needs to be created to make this mission reach every Filipino at every corner of this world. Sometimes, as creatives, we tend to undermine our achievements over the success of others. I do this too, I am too hard on myself. I have imposter syndrome. But, every time I see one Filipino, a freelancer or a business owner trying to earn their keep, posting their small wins on Facebook and promoting their businesses and online shops, it reminds me that the mission is ALIVE, and that’s why the mission is here. And it will outlive you and me. If you’ve been following me, you know I always say this “Don’t focus on how far you are going, focus on how far you’ve come..” And that’s what we