5 Tips For Staying Motivated During The Pandemic

Language used: Tagalog-English  

πŸ’™ This episode of the podcast is a response to a poll we asked in our Article and Design FB group about your current struggles during this pandemic. And most of you answered the lack of motivation and not earning enough because you are not motivated to work.

πŸ’™ And you know how we do it in Article and Design, we give you tips that are straight-forward, practical and things that your fake friends won’t tell you.😜

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈI am not going to mention exercise, proper nutrition, having a break etc and getting enough sleep because these things are obviously what we should be doing whether we are experiencing a pandemic or not. If you love yourself and your family you should be doing these things. I will not bore you with these things since you are old enough to know why these things are important.

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