2020 Year End Message



Our podcast came to fruition late this year of 2020. We first named it as SUPER FREELANCERS PH Podcast and then rebranded it to ARTICLE AND DESIGN PODCAST later on.

In June this year, during the quarantine/lockdown Margaret and I released our first episode. To date we have more than 3,500++ downloads from 14 countries across 24 episodes. What started as a pastime to get through the pandemic and to catch up on each other’s lives has taken on a life of its own as our listeners grow and began to suggest ideas for future episodes.

We adapted quickly by recording via Zoom. We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into so taking care of all the production shizz has a little bit of a steep learning curve.

The first and second series of the podcast happened during the height of the quarantine and we don’t really receive funding for it  except from our own pocket (haha) but we wanted to keep the momentum going because we were getting lots of great feedback.


Having a clear branding has really helped us raise our profile as the co-creators of the Article and Design in a short amount of time. We have also learnt that the podcast is the beginning of our brand rather than the end point.


We launched our own Facebook Group the Article and Design: Super Freelancers PH, which now has more than 1,300 members and is growing fast. And some of them joined by discovering our podcast! We made invaluable connections and support inside the group from like minded individuals and fellow filipino freelancers and we are so happy to be building a family of SUPER FREELANCERS


The podcast wasn’t a hit overnight but it has grown enormously since it began six months ago and is continuing to rise exponentially.

The podcast is a great reminder that patience is a virtue It takes time to build an audience and to make people believe in the value that you can offer.

Also…. Passion projects are worth pursuing!

We started the podcast because it was a way to talk about a topic we truly cared about. We though we were going to put out a few episodes and that would be the end of it. While it has taken a lot of work to get to this stage, it has been worth it…

Thank you to our guests and co-hosts! Thank you for taking your time! We appreciate you forever!!! 💙💕

Jen Obenza

Job Eloja

Milna Tulao Vasquez

Ella De Leon

Bern Boclaras

Francis Aquino

Tanya Loyola

Kris Banzon

Thank you so much for being a part of the A&D community!

See you in 2021 💙

Your co-creators and biggest fans,

Candice & Margaret 😊💕